Oh boy, which to choose?

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  1. Cindilou

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Largo, FL
    My daughter has decided she would like to take a chicken to the fair this year through 4H. I ordered a book on standards of perfection (and a book on chicken diseases) and it will come soon. I really have no idea about showing anything. And to add to it, her grandma (my mom) has decided she will pay for a nice breed of chicken that my daughter can train to be in a cage and sit nice and be pretty or whatever it is they need to do! I just have no idea what to do. What's a good beginner's choice for a young 7 year old? I don't expect first place ribbons or anything but I want to at least give her a chance to participate because I think learning about all kinds of animals is important and I truly enjoy the backyard girls but pretty much everything I have is a mixed breed. What to do?!
  2. Hot2Pot

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    Feb 1, 2010
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    Find someone nearby that shows. They can help you get started. I would suggest silkies for a young girl.
  3. chickensRcute

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    Apr 23, 2011
    I agree that silkies are a very calm breed and it would be a good starter for a 7 year old! I also like bantam cochins for kids. They are very nice too! I would say 4H would also be a great way to learn. It is how we did it for my kids! Good luck and if you still have questions when you get closer to time don't hesitate to ask![​IMG]
  4. chickenlover2251

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    Aug 17, 2011
    I'm in pinellas county 4H as well!! I've been showing at the Florida state fair for the past 3 years. I think any bird can be a showmanship bird, but you really have to start handling them and training them as chicks (or asap). I have 5 leghorn production hens and one silkie. I find that my production hens are easier to handle, just because my silkie is kind of afraid of heights and likes to be held in a certain position. I plan on ordering some eggs off of eBay very soon to hatch. I am ordering some birchen old English game Bantams and my brother (who is newly interested in the fair) is going to order crele old English game bantams. I've seen so many people use old English for show because they're so small and easy to handle. I'm from the 4h20 club in pinellas county, so maybe you know us? Will you be at county congress this Saturday? We will be there if you have any other questions!! Hope this helps!
  5. Sonoran Silkies

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    Talk to your daughter about what she likes as far as chickens go--colour, size, temperament, etc. Look through the photos of different breeds on feathersite.com and narrow down her choices to a few breeds. Try to find someone near you who can show her some birds and let her get to see them up close and personal. Once she has a pretty good idea of what she wants, find the best pair or trio you can for her to raise. At seven she will not be taking care of them by hersself, but under your close supervision.
    There are many breeds that are appropriate for young children, and only a few I would say not appropriate. Any breed known for aggressiveness would be about the only I would remove from the list.
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    I find that d'Anvers are the most docile hens for children. Talk to ChickenBoySam who shows them. He is always on the d'Anvers page her on BYC talking about his ribbons and posting pics of his girls!

    I have never shown mine but the are the friendliest birds and follow you around and want to be held! Love 'em!



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    May 4, 2011
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    Very pretty girls. Sounds like the decision will not be an easy one. Perhaps more based on local availability of good stock then anything else, unless grandma is up for some hefty shipping fees [​IMG]
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    Jan 2, 2011
    Largo, FL
    Quote:We go to Ochs Garden. Were you at the dinner the other night? I don't think we are going to get to the congress but maybe I will try. I wasn't sure that it would be all that age appropriate for a 7 year old. I thought it was for older kids.
    I have a broody right now so I could have her hatch something but I wanted to do research first on different chickens. I can not have a rooster where I live so unfortunately this would be showing off others' stock instead of breeding our own but still a learning experience (for all of us!). I know there is a serama breeder very near me, a silkie breeder and a jersey giant breeder near us and naked neck breeder maybe an hour or 2 away and if I searched on here I'm sure I could find others with in a reasonable distance. I don't want grandma to pay $100 in shipping fees [​IMG] (Grandma is enabling, "If you find a used incubator I'll buy that and her school class can hatch chickens as a science project. Where do you think the chickees will end up?)

    The d'anvers are pretty. Heck, all chickens are pretty.
    Time to get off to school.
  9. juliechick

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    I'll put in a plug for Modern Game Bantams. They are little, easy to handle and they are very easy to train for showing. They're very popular at the shows. They are talkative, curious little guys and they do not have to be bathed like the really fluffy breeds do. Just a wipe down and clean the feet before the show.

    I wish you all luck with whichever breed you choose!
    My 8 year old loves his Moderns (Longlegs):

  10. Cindilou

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    Jan 2, 2011
    Largo, FL
    Quote:I guess I was under the wrong impression that the modern game were flighty and hard to deal with. Now I have another breed to put on the list!

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