Oh Brother, Now What?

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    I posted here several days ago about my hens having an upper respiratory infection. I got a lot of helpful suggestions but day before yesterday I happened to see one of my hens with this white spot on her comb. I love these little chickens but I wish I had never gotten started with this hobby. First of all it has cost me a lot of money and second of all I am attached to them. I also have the Alpha hen that has been acting real disinterested and laying around for the last several weeks. I took her to the vet and he gave her an antibiotic shot and some anti-inflammatory oral medicine and I had to give her both medicines by mouth for 10 days. I did and she seemed better at first and then she went back to where she is now. I started them on they Baytril day before yesterday because I thought that would help with the respiratory infection. They free range and they have had diarrhea for quite a while, except for the Alpha hen and she started about four or five days ago with diarrhea as well. I did a run of Corrid on them thinking they might have coccoidosis. But that did not help. I gave them a probiotic for 5 days after that. I am at a disadvantage because I am alone and it is difficult to give a chicken medicine or to clean their nasty butt by yourself. They do not cooperate. But as best I could I cleaned them and clipped some of the mess on their backside. And so, earlier in the week I saw this on one of the hens combs. I don't know what it could be, maybe fungus?she is on the bottom rung of the totem pole and when she gets aggressive with food she is chastised by one of the others by them jumping on her and pulling her comb (briefly). It seems like I do see a hole in the comb. (Maybe) Except for the alpha hen they sleep all piled up in a nest box and I didn't know if them being in close quarters could cause a fungus from warmth and dampness. I only know I don't like going in my backyard now because I fret when I see their myriad of problems I go from enjoying them to worrying about them. I am going to try and post a picture of the hens comb
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    I would say the white on the comb is from a healing peck wound or injury. Coconut oil applied to it may help it heal.

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