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    May 31, 2016
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    I sure love these little dudes and dudettes, but they sure aren't the brightest. Typically, when they free range, I open the run door and the coop door. I put the fan blowing into coop right outside one of the vents and leave fan on just to get more air circulating inside since it's blazing hot right now. At night when it's time for bed, typically they all hop up into coop instead of going through run. I had some leftover strawberries so I put them in the run and all the chickens followed me inside knowing I had a treat. I have to shut the run door when I give them a treat or else our two doggies will gobble it up. So now I've got some pathetic looking chickens staring at me from the run thinking their locked inside even though the coop doors are still wide open. Apparently the backwards concept of not only can you get into coop when doors are open, but you can also leave the coop isn't quite clicking. [​IMG] Oh babies, I'll have to go open the run door now that they've finished their snack. They're starting to look pretty pitiful, lol!
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