Oh decisions! What to hatch first, chickens or ducks?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by One Acre Wonder Farm, May 2, 2009.

  1. One Acre Wonder Farm

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    Feb 20, 2009
    I ordered Brinsea Eco, it will be here on Monday [​IMG]

    Now I have to decide: what will go in first? Ducks? Chickens?

    Is one easier than the other? This will be my first hatch ever and I want it to go well!

    I am a preschool teacher and in three weeks we will be discussing farms & gardens. What better show & tell than baby chicks, right? Or maybe ducklings? Oh I can't decide... Is it tricky to incubate both at once? I could start duck eggs and then add chicken eggs next week, but then I will only be able to hatch half as many.

    Oh deceisions! What to do? What would you do?
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  2. NancyP

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    Mar 28, 2009
    Chickens have a shorter incubation time. Ducks are so darn cute though. I guess it would depend on who will be easier for you to home once they get here. Good luck and happy hatching.

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