Oh GAAH, bunny question!


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
Sooo.....we got our first bunny from the feed store several months ago, a mutt rabbit. We sexed her as a female (thought it was obvious) and life went on. She's a pet, we'll have her spayed soon, lives indoors, etc....My daughter looves her to death and named her Bunny FooFoo

A couple of weeks ago we decided to get her a friend, and after a week of antibiotics for the little rabbit and clearing up the sneezies (I am 99% sure is a male, but obviously I am not too sharp with this
) began to introduce the 2 of them. It will evenutally be spayed/neutered as well. It's been love at first sight so far, they are both in my sunroom and each have their own cage and litterbox on opposite sides. I let them play together under my supervision for a couple of hours a day and they truly seem to like each other, no problems whatsoever. My original "female" has full run of the room 100% of the time, as she is litter trained--except now she prefers to poop infront of the new guys cage

ANYWAY, what I thought was my female looves to hump the wrong end of the new rabbit
. I try to keep this to a minimum and will pick her up off of him and when I did that this morning I noticed a 1"ish long red slimey penis looking thing prodruding out of "HER" belly
Now she is not exactly cooperative when being picked up, so I didn't get a good look as to what it was, and she thumped me good when I tried to go back and look again.

Is my Bunny FooFoo a boy?

Is there an "I am an idiot" smiley?

I had a very similiar experience! Got a bunny from a man in the paper, who said it was a female... but boy bunnies pee straight out the back, and his wire sleeping cage was on my fireplace...Few months go by, thinking it was a female, and I noticed streaks on my fireplace (bunny was out while family was home and would go in covered litter box) some fireplace cleaning...and took it to a vet who broke the news - he was a she...neutering instead of spaying!

I'd take them to the vet asap - they may be friendly now, but I've heard a number of terrible stories about 2 intact males being together. Just for your own peace of mind. Good luck!
Okay, so now about the males peeing out the back......I had to put those urine guards on his cage b.c before he was litter trained, "she" peed on the wall behind her cage

So I guess Bunny FooFoo is a male

And I totally agree about the neutering, I plan on it after the 1st of the month. We are going out of town for a week at the end of June--plus it is going to cost nearly $200:/ Need to wait until after vacation to cough that $ up.
The new guy/girl is still very small and young, we'll probably wait a month or two more before doing any "fixing"
$200?? Have you tried finding a low-cost spay and neuter place? While our humane society doesn't spay/neuter rabbits, we found another low-cost place. Cost $45. It might be worth a couple of phone calls.....
Yes, $200. We have a low cost spay and neuter clinic here, it's wonderful but for dogs and cats only. I've already tried
I even called the vets & low cost clinics around my parents home, which is about 5 hours from here...figured I could make a weekend out of it. They only do cats & dogs, too.
I don't quite understand why anyone would alter a rabbit? I have heard that is popular in the UK, but have never understood why.
If this is a male, could you simply band him? No blood, very little pain, and very inexpensive. It is a good way to neuter male livestock. I haven't really considered looking that close at rabbit genitalia to see if it would work, but it works on most livestock.

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