Oh god, I hope it's nothing big...

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  1. Suddenly I have NO water in my house.

    Two hours ago I filled my teapot without a problem and less than an hour ago I filled water buckets for the chickens without incident. My DD came and told me that there was no water and wanted to know if the hose was on outside. Nope, hose isn't on, neither is anything else for that matter. We've checked for burst pipes but there doesn't seem to be any of those either.

    We have well water. I'm freaking out. DH is on his way home to check things out. [​IMG] Please don't let it be anything huge....
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    Check the circut breaker to the well pump, it may have triped off.

    or the pipe from the well to the house may have froze up or the pump went out.
  3. I sure hope it turns out to be something minor!

    We've had the pipes freeze where we live now because they line from the well to the house isn't buried deep enough. It's not fun being without water. Hope yours is fixed soon!
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    Same thing happened to me this morning. Turned out to be the pressure switch. We had a spare but all he had to do was reset it.

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    Oh dear. Please let us know!!!
  6. hoosier

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    I know the feeling................

    Hope it isn't a major problem. Let us know.

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