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  1. How did you find out what you needed to do in your state to sell the meat you raise?
    Is there a website I'm missing?
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    Apr 15, 2008
  3. Thanks Luv [​IMG]
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    USDA might be able to help, or maybe the Department of Agriculture in your state...
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    Dec 29, 2007
    Try www.attra.ncat.org for small scale processing.
    In "Encyclopedia for Country Living", she says RI law is "Poultry growers who do their own butchering for home AND sale must register each year with the Director of Dept. of Health during January, must be inspected..." yada yada.
    Call RI Dept of Ag or ESN Research Center
    Good Luck. Sounds like a pain... Here in MI it's a free-for-all as long as you do fewer than 10,000!!!![​IMG]
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    Hey folks, I'm down with PC problems so decided to use the excuse to upgrade all the toasters here in the office. All I can say is get your county extension officer on the phone. They get asked this question probably 10 times per week.
  8. Oh ick... It doesn't look good.

    I want to sell two of the turkeys I've got for Thanksgiving, guess I'll be looking for a prosessor for those [​IMG]

    Thanks guys!
  9. What gets me more is it looks like I'm supposed to "register" even to prosess my own birds for ourselves...

    That makes me really [​IMG]

    Not that I will [​IMG]

    We're the type around here who rather beg for forgivness than ask permission...

    Just like I currently have 51 birds when technically I'm only supossed to have 6 of each type (chicken, duck, etc.) OH WELL.....

    My neighbors last year moved their entire house back on their property 50 feet and THEN sent in the paperwork to get permission [​IMG] Nobody even noticed.

    I have a big problem with being told how much of something I can have when I have all this space. I could understand if I were in suburbia but we moved out here to raise our own food and breed gypsy vanner horses, within the next 10 years we'll be adding about 17 acres to our almost 5 now, and yet wouldn't you know it, even with those combined almost 22 acres they still want to tell me that I can only have 6 chickens, 2 horses, 2 cows, NO geese, and so on and so forth with all that open pasture, a pond, and a huge 3 story barn....
    Luckily for me my other neighbor down the road has lived here since the 70's and has always had things he's not supposed to and nobody has ever bothered him...

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