Oh Hammie, you're terrible!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by mandelyn, Mar 23, 2012.

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    So my Silver Spangled Hamburg hen was raised with 2 call ducks. She has no fear of ducks.

    Earl and Duke, the Saxony drakes, were not raised "with" the chickens, they only live nearby. Lucky for Hammie. They've been bickering the last couple of weeks, and normally I go over and grab Earl off of Duke. It's really been a bonding experience for us which I didn't expect. Duke will now hang by me if Earl is being a jerk, and Earl has become really easy to catch compared to how he was.

    Yesterday I was enjoying the day out in the yard, and they get into again. In front of Miss Hammie. She takes it upon herself to break it up, being the little sassy thing she is. She's a squirt! She can't be more than 2 1/2 pounds, and those drakes are every bit of 8 pounds.

    But there she went! Hard charging into the middle of it all fluffed up and ready to go. She slams into Duke, pecks at Earl, freaks them both out. She was successful where the water hose was not.

    Her new thing is being on "duck watch" now. In the run is a 4ft baby pool, but in the yard is a 6ft pool. They usually hang there. She started a perimeter march around that pool, chasing the ducks off from the right side of it. She stands around all big and bad, ready to get after any duck that crosses the invisible line she made. If they never do (they've learned now she's trouble) she'll dart over and give them grief.

    I don't know what her deal is. If Earl, the dominant drake, decides she's not that scary after all, she's in for it.

    Right now he's running scared. But he'll change his tune with her just like he did with me. Being held isn't a big deal anymore, and getting chest bumped by a little scrawny hen isn't going to phase him much longer either.

    Hammie fancies herself flock leader, along with Goldie who is a year older. But Goldie, she's a flighty loon, taking cover from the ducks. Goldie will tell the others when she's found food and will keep order, but Hammie, she's taking things to a new level!

    Even her sidekick Wheaties will not participate in the duck harassing. She does it alone!

    Who needs reality TV when you have insane bird recess? This set of birds is why they're housed separate. They only mingle when I'm out there doing chores.

    I knew chickens weren't that stupid, but Hammie is a real piece of work. She has grand desires on being leader of BOTH groups!
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    [​IMG] That's awesome. Go Hammie! LOL
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    Love it! Go Hammie!!

    ~ Aspen

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