Oh he was so cute I just had to give him a chicken

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    Well anyway our neighbor's had friends over the other day and the friends had just adopted a 7 year old boy from Haiti his name was Luke and he was adorable. Anyway the dad brought his daughter and Luke over and Luke just automatically scoops up one of my hens like it is the best thing he's ever seen and automatically starts asking questions like "Is that big one the mama?" (POINTING AT ROOSTER). Anyway after they had to pull him away from the chickens back to the neighbor's house for dinner. I decided what the heck I was gonna get rid of some roosters anyway so I ran next door with my White Silkie Roo (Dodge) in hand and asked his mother if they wanted the Roo. They lived on a farm with horses and ducks so it worked out well, and she asked a bunch of questions I gave her the URL of this site just in case and she says she plans on getting some silkie hens now. I hope the roo isn't too lonely though he has always been with other chickens and they didn't have any yet.
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    that's very sweet of you! [​IMG]
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    That's awesome! You are such a kind person!
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    Too sweet!!! You probably just made a future BYC'er!! [​IMG]

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