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    Jun 2, 2011
    I have to share a funny story...Or at least I think my hubby's "blonde moment" was hilarious! Yesterday, my darling husband, (who HAS had various sorts of critters his whole life, and hunts, fishes, you name it) went to take care of my fuzzy little freeloaders who should start laying anytime (they are GSL and RIR-19 weeks). He didn't know that I put dummy eggs in the nest boxes over the weekend. One of the dummy eggs was a lavender ceramic egg with yellow spots given to my daughter by her day care teacher when she was little. Hubby came in the house and asked about the "egg" in the nest box. I told him when I had put it there and he said..."Well I wondered when I went in there...when I saw it I thought it was a little early for the Easter Eggers to start laying!" So, I didn't tell husband that Easter Eggers (my EEs are only 11 weeks old and are still not totally confirmed hens anyway)don't lay purple eggs with yellow spots for fear of dissappointing him. He will have to figure it out on his own later!
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    Good for you, don't ruin his dreams of having colored easter eggs [​IMG]
    Thanks for sharing!
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    OMG [​IMG] I need a purple speckled egger pls!!!
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  7. lololololololollololol X2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    He is going to be SO disappointed when he sees the actual eggs!
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    [​IMG] Great story! Love it!

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