oh how rude, i never introduced myself!


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May 19, 2011
Hi! I'm Katie! Longtime lurker, first time chicken owner!

I got my peeps on Thursday and they appear to be about two to three weeks old. They are growing SO fast! i have only had them two days and already they are sprouting new feathers and establishing a pecking order and all of that. its super cool to watch them!

In the real world, i have a husband, a daughter (maggie), a son (micah), two dogs (zero and zoe), two barred rocks, two EEs and one leghorn/RIR sexling.
Five total chickens. i've told myself i wont get anymore but ive heard something about chicken math that might make it illogical to keep only five...

Pretty much everyone i know thinks ive lost my mind with this chicken thing. They keep saying things like "i hear its more expensive to get your eggs that way" or "where do you live that you can keep chickens?!" Which i think everyone on here knows are both silly things to say!

I live in the center of Tucson AZ, so people arent used to Urban Chickens.
I hope to one day be a full on urban farmer, but i havent yet started a garden due to a lack of raised beds. The earth here is mostly clay, i'm starting to compost my chicks bedding and i hope to get my beds built/drip systemed and planted in time for the second summer season in August.

Anywho thats a little about me! i hope you are all having a nice day and i look forward to talking to you about chickens!
Hello Katie, I'm new too. My wife and I planted our raised bed garden today. Urban farming is very fun and rewarding so far. No eggs yet (girls aren't old enough yet), but we had a garden last year and ended up satisfied with the results. Good luck and I'll see you on the forums.
where do you live? what did you plant last year? do you compost? do you use a commercially purchased composter or did you make one? I have lots of questions, im really excited about my new little farm!

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