Oh I have a mean baby

Discussion in 'Quail' started by moeell1, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. moeell1

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    May 17, 2010
    Ok so I have a mean Bobwhite baby, it pecks at his litter-mates feet all the time, in fact he has injured one. This one food is swollen and red, what do i do? What do I do with the mean one and what about the injured baby? I'm so upset?![​IMG]:
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    Isolate the mean one within the same broother put up a barrier between the two so they can see each other but they can't hurt each other. That way when he's reintroduced he doesn't get picked on.
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  3. moeell1

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    May 17, 2010
    Well I've been investigating my babies, you see my hubby got eggs but after different times. So my first ones hatched on the 8th and than my second ones hatched on the 12th and than my third ones hatched on the 15th and we will have another bath on the 23rd. So i have the 1st and 2nd batch together and they are only 4 days apart but I'm thinking maybe that isn't good, I thought they where doing good together. So i have a few means in the first group and than the 2nd group has a few injured from the mean ones.....i don't know what to do? Do i keep them all separated? If I do that don't i have to do it there whole life? Please someone help me!!
  4. Plain_View_Farm

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    They will peck at toes because they look like worms to them. It's not being mean, just instinct.
    Do you have any fine hay or dried grass clippings you can put in the brooder? Make sure it is not
    moldy in any form and not been sprayed or treated with any chemicals. That breaks up their line of sight of toes and can help.

  5. Buttercup Chillin

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    Oct 27, 2008
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    Try turning down the temperature, when they are to warm they will pick at each other. I turn the temp down 1 degree every day for all my brooding birds and haven't had any problems, but I have Corturnix and chickens. I understand Bobwhites can be a little meaner, especially the Tennessee Reds, which my son wants, so I've been watching the Bobwhite threads. I've read when they start picking toes, turn the temp down.

    Make sure they don't run out of food and have cool water, change it 3 times a day. Just ideas to try, cause I know birds get knarly when they get hot, don't we all.

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