Oh joy... more oil spilled...

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by redhen, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Joy to the world. -_- Why do I have a feeling this is all connected?
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    [​IMG] Ugh......
  4. I heard about this one yesterday.. I forsee the price of food, gas, and expesially sea food going up. Well I dont eat seafood, but the other will effect my family.

    Thats all our enviroment needed. More oil.

    Time to go back to horse and wagon. Does any one know the laws about using that as transportation.. I mean the amish do it.. ???
  5. Wasn't there a person here who could no longer ride their horses (or was it a wagon?) to town because some random tourist (not a citizen of the town) griped about getting a horse apple on their tire... so the town banned it to appease a single out of towner?

    Maybe that was another board... but I thought it was here.

    Too many people in the world like those whiners, so I doubt if that'd go over in any but the smallest/most tolerant of Ag places.

    Which is a shame. I know our DD would be thrilled at the prospect.
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