Oh Lord, am I going to go a little insane

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  1. Im keeping a VERY VERY close eye on my incubator, making sure everything is accordingly since I didn't have a suitable thermometer/hygrometer until today (thanks all for recemending the one from Walmart, it's working great!). So far it's up to 102* (yes I did Calibrate it and it is 2* behind. Shows 100* but really 102) and at 45% humidity.

    Im also keeping a VERY VERY Close eye on my sweet little PEARL! Our bassette Hound/Bull Terrier is expecting puppies as of a matter of days.

    Another soon to come is my Rabbits! My Florida White Rabbit named Angel is also due to have little bunnies anyday.

    There is only so much one can do.
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    Good luck and keep that incubator temp as close to 99.5 as possible.
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    Wow! You are going to be one busy woman! Good luck on the hatchand the other births! I still watch mine like a hawk and I have hatched a gazillion chicks![​IMG] It never gets eaiser for me!!!
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    Oh my! That's a lot of babies all at once! Good luck--you're going to be busy! [​IMG]

    If you're using a still air bator (which I'm assuming), then your temp is correct at 101-102. [​IMG]
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    OMG, that's too many baby to care with i tough. [​IMG]

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