Oh! My chickens are so busted! *PICS*


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Mar 25, 2008
I came home from town yesterday to this...

That was my lamb's ears in one of my flower beds. I asked the kids what in the world had happened and they responded with THIS as their answer...

OH! My chickens are soooooo busted! NOT!
Isn't it funny how what we would normally scold our kids for, our chickens can get away with?!?! We just stand back and watch them destroy it!
My 14 year old just responds with, "That so isn't right..."
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They got my lamb's ear too, and I really loved it. Rototilling a big new garden in front this spring, where no poultry can ever get to, I pray. Mulching the old garden and hoping I can get something back out of it next year.

I'm a lazy gardener anyway. I can't really blame the chickens for all of it.
I have been lazy this year also. When my chickens all got sick this summer, it seemed that it took all of my time to take care of them with cloroxing out all of the feeders and waterers and mixing antibiotics daily for what seemed an eternity. On top of that it was keeping the pool clean, chemicals straight etc... and trying to tend my food garden. Needless to say, my poor flower beds were left out of the picture for the most part and I know it shows.
I love it, that is so funny and yet oh so true...They poo on your favorite chair and it's like "gotta clean it now, oh but you were so cute when you pooed on it!"
Mine, too, Stacey. I lost my lambs ear this year, too. They just decimated it. Last year, they didnt look at it. This year, it was the best thing on the place...for the 15 minutes it took to scarf it down.
I didn't realize that lambs ear and chickens didn't mix! Now we all know. If anyone has lambs ear in their flower beds that they don't want pulverized by the chickens, then you'd better fence it in!
I have found that in my eyes, the chickens can do no wrong. Eat all my red tomatoes? Go ahead. Scratch all the landscaping black bark onto my patio? Fine with me. Eat all the juicy red strawberries (covered up with chicken wire)? Have at it. Stand on the back porch and poop away? No problem.

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