Oh My Gatos! Eggs on the way


Aug 10, 2019
Well, it’s been a crazy 9+ months since I was last here.

Our flock consists of one female. It’s the Muscovy in my profile pic.

My daughter’s lame Pekin died, which wasn’t too big of a deal to his brother since he had three females to keep him company. Then one of our Welsh Harlequins got ill. Daughter thought she nursed her back to health and she ended up passing away a month later. So we had the sister (WH), the brother (P), Muscovy, and the remaining sister’s stolen duckling (WHxP) being raised by a nippy Muscovy. So since the duckling did not know that was her mom, her sister died, and Muscovy was nippy, she became very dependent on the drake for company. Unfortunately the drake also passed away which left duckling and nippy Muscovy. So our last welsh harlequin died of a broken heart.

The Muscovy was an ok mom, but my daughter noticed that as her duckling got bigger, she started ignoring her and trying to fly. Daughter went to trim her flight wings and chose not to mess with them due to being red, sore, and swollen. Mom was fine just circling the yard a little, but one day she up and disappeared. She left her young duck and T started to become more friendly towards daughter. One night either someone took T or she fell prey to a coon, but T disappeared. Daughter put out a message on our local Facebook page and although we never found T, someone found mom. She was just two houses away at the pond. Daughter and I tried several times to catch her and failed. Mom moved to the corn silo up the road and a few days later someone said they saw her there. The gent who lives next to the corn silo caught her and she is back home with daughter. Now daughter has bought mom some eggs to keep her home!! And she seriously cut her flight wings when mom got home!

Oh My Gatos! There are 6 cross of Pekin and Khaki Campbells on the way. Craziness!!

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