Oh. My. God. "Safe" RP?!

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  1. I logged in this morning to look up Ms. Prissy's Cinnamon Roll recipe (I'm showing my forum age there....) and I notice that y'all are RPing in the games section now!! How far we've come!! My question is: Is there an age limit on joining the forum and RPing here?
    I have a daughter who is a WONDERFUL writer and is dying to find some safe, G or PG RP. She's been to so many websites to RP and quickly found that things with the other teens and sadly, many adults, turn X rated very quickly, hence we pull the plug and move on. She's very, very discouraged. As are her father and I. She's mature for her age and well spoken. Anyway, I'd love to bring her on if I can!!

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    I don't RP [​IMG], but the moderators are very good at keeping things under control. Trouble makers are rapidly eliminated. Take a look at some of the role plays and see if you think that your daughter might be interested.
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    X 2 - this site as a whole is fairly heavily moderated and it seems that any straying into even the slightest grey area is quickly quashed.

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