Oh MY God this is bad! Please help me!!!! :(

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    One of my muscovey ducks has swelling on the top of her head, and her eyes are below the eve opening....like the skin is getting pulled up! Its really disturbing!!! I cant locate a vet that treats ducks! I cant find any info online about a condition like this, can someone please help me figure this out? She is acting totaly normal but, i dont know how she can even see! this must be painfull she needs help asap!
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    I am NOT a vet, and am totally guessing but I had a chicken get something similar... What my hen had was a staff infection. I didn't know what else to do so I got honey from a local farmer that hadn't been heated or filtered and coated her head two times every day. She got better (a lot better) before a predator killed her! Anyway, predator aside, if you can't get better advice, try the honey. BTW, the natural medicine folks would tell you heated honey won't work and it has to be natural. Local Farmer is the only way to meet those requirements.

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    Just a thought, IF it is a staff infection, or any type of infection like that, antibiotics could help too.

    We used erythromycin on our duck combined with Veterycyn with a NASTY gash that was dog inflicted. She pulled through like a champ.

    Is she acting normal? Eating, drinking, pooping? Lethargic or active? How are the other ducks acting towards her? Will she let you touch it or does she flinch?

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