Oh my goodness! Chickens are a hoot!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by LocoPollo, Sep 6, 2008.

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    Aug 13, 2008
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    I had to laugh last night as I put the chicks to bed, the new ones for the first time in the roost. I had kept my Speckled Sussex separate from my OEG's in a run of their own, but last night I let them all roost together. I have only one mature hen, an OEG who has been Mamma Hen for the longest. In the roost she was pecking and hollerin' at any bird that would get near her, even her own little cockerel! You could tell she was truly "ruling the roost!" I never heard so much carrying on as when the younger OEG's would try to snuggle up next to her. She was next to the OEG rooster on the top roost and would not let anyone near her, and all the younguns terrorized lol. Finally, what really made me laugh, was the SS's, who are only 8 weeks, entered and just proceeded to take their place where they pleased, totally unfazed my Mad Mamma's rants and raves. SHe would squawk and peck and they all just ignored her and took their place where they pleased. One just popped up and snuggled up under the wing of Daddy Roo, much to Mamma's great indignation! IT was too funny to see!

    Gotta love these chickens!
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    Yeah they are funny. We put the babies in a cage in the hen house and my BO sat on top of the cage making all kinds of noises for DAYS! She wanted to mother those babies SO badly!
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    Jul 31, 2008
    when my chickens were newborns we had them in a pen in the basement and I felt so bad cause they not would get a lot of human attention down there just the daily fed and water that sort of stuff so I put a radio on down there for them...
    well when they were old enough to go out to the coop i never gave it a second thought to bring the radio out there because they free range for the most part...

    well today I was putting laundry on the line and i left the back door open and i had the radio on well 7 of my 10 gals walked over to the door and i swear thay were saying to each other...ooo theres the music i missed this..it was to funny to watch..thier heads were turning and they were clucking away either they were talking about it or singing along
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