Oh my goodness, crushed mealworms are the best thing ever, apparently LOL


Feb 21, 2018
Brandon, Florida
I am laughing so hard right now. LOL My chicks are on medicated chick starter and I sprinkled a little bit of chick grit in the bottom of the brooder, too. They have been happily pecking at both and this morning I decided to see what they would do with mealworms. I grabbed like 5-6 dried ones and crushed them in my fingers into teeny tiny pieces and sprinkled them in there and holy cow it’s like chick crack LMAO They went CRAZY! And the same one (Queen Lollipop) that was running around with the piece of poop yesterday did the exact same thing with a little piece of mealworm, it’s hysterical!! LOL I guess they like them.

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