Oh my goodness, did I fry my eggs?

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    I feel horrible admitting this, but it's the second day of incubation, and I really can't loose these eggs. Everything was going steady for the first day, and I noticed the temp was inching towards the low end, and I tweaked the temperature. To 118F. [​IMG] It was like that anywhere from 15 - 30 minutes. Did I bake my eggs?? Do you think they'll be okay? I opened the bator as soon as I noticed the heat, and I fanned the heat off, and set the lid back on. The temp is back down to 99F. Do you think they'll be okay?[​IMG] ~holly
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    [​IMG] I hope not.

    I think you can candle and see if they're growing on day 4. Keep them in and try it.

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