Oh My Goodness!!!!! picture posted!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by sheeshshe, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. sheeshshe

    sheeshshe Songster

    May 6, 2009
    Apparently all I had to do with ask a question about adding a neighbors laying hen to see if it would jump start mine and today I get my very own first egg!!!!!!!!!!! its so cute and little!

    My due date for my baby is on monday and for the past 2 mos I've been saying its going to be a race to see what comes first, the baby or the egg... the egg won! I am so excited!

    Ya know how you look in EVERY day and see nothing? and then one time you look and much to your surprise there is a real egg???? I was in shock!!!! I'm too excited!!

    I'm going to take pictures later when the 2y old is in bed... but its a little light brown egg.

    I have cinnamon queens and buff orpingtons... my guess is the buff because she's been acting "eggie" for weeks now [​IMG] but the cinnamon queen grew big wattles this past week so who knows!
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  2. fordmommy

    fordmommy Dancing With My Chickens

    Jul 16, 2009
    [​IMG] for you and the chicken! [​IMG]
  3. Jen4

    Jen4 Songster

    Sep 7, 2008
    Munfordville, KY
    Congratulations [​IMG]
  4. Danigirl3

    Danigirl3 Songster

    May 13, 2009
    Central Maine
    exciting isn't it?!
  5. chicknjane

    chicknjane Songster

    Jul 2, 2009
    Pine Grove, PA
    [​IMG] I'm so excited for you. Congratulations on your first egg and your newest edition to the family.
  6. trilyn

    trilyn Songster

    Apr 13, 2009
    East Syracuse
    [​IMG] Congrats on the egg-now for the baby.....woohooo!!! Here's wishing for a speedy and safe delivery! Good luck and God bless!! [​IMG]
  7. myway57

    myway57 In the Brooder

    Apr 16, 2009
    blanchard La.

    I am up to 14 a day from my girls.........
  8. sheeshshe

    sheeshshe Songster

    May 6, 2009
    Thank you ALL!!!! [​IMG] I was just shocked to see it!!! I still can't believe it!

    So its really light brown... do you think that means its from my buff? a red sex-link lays brown too though, right?

    On the left, a brown store bought egg, on the right... the cute little egg from today,... awwww. I don't know if I'm ever going to want to eat it, I feel like I should frame it or something! LOL!

  9. whytedragon

    whytedragon Songster

    Sep 27, 2009
    Floresville, Texas
    I haven't had any chicken eggs yet, but I know just how you feel...I breed Budgies and Cockatiels, and it's always so exciting! I finally got eggs from my Lutino pair [​IMG]

    Come on chickens, your turn!
  10. chickenlady81

    chickenlady81 Songster

    Jun 10, 2008
    Weare, NH
    Congrats on the eggs!!!

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