Oh my goodness, the water

Going Quackers

11 Years
May 24, 2011
On, Canada
My 4 muscovy's are still inside due to our varying temps and general lack of spring like weather
the water mess is about to drive me bonkers however...
i have them bedded on shavings but it's not long before the crate is soaked...

I do have a solid floor... any suggestions on what i can do to control this? i have taken to putting an old baking sheet under the water bowl to help 'contain' it ever so slightly.. but this is a short stop gap not a real solution. I do tidy and clean daily but constantly replacing the shavings is hardly economical.

Any tips? what have you done?
Thanks for directing me to that thread. I am unsure how i can do that with my current set-up ...

What we did was take a wood crate... and run chicken wire all up the sides and top.. it's almost a 3ft square shape. and we built the sides up one extra level to reduce drafts and offer dog protection since it's in my house...

Wifezilla has the perfect solution! Check out her thread on fixing this issue here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=1739372
When my ducks were inside I cut off a five gallon bucket(left it about 4 inch high) then I put a 2 inch thick peice of paving stone in the bottom and set the jar waterer on it. When they drank the bucket would catch the excess water.

Same concept as the baking dish only the waterer in the middle doesnt give them room to get in the bucket.(Hopefully)
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