OH MY GOSH! candled egg and droped it :( (graphic details)


8 Years
Apr 8, 2011
Its exactly 2 weeks today. And I was candling and the egg slipped out f my hands and broke! I feel so bad
I finished him off because there was blood all over my floor, the chick was gasping! Im heart broken it was a little black chick and I killed him because im a klutz!
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I'm so sorry.... these things happen. Thanks for sharing... I am candleing on Sunday and will either do it sitting down with a towel on my lap or over the sink with a thick folded towel to pad it.

I am so sorry ... I know your pain. I did that my very first time incubating ever... dropped an egg on the hardwood floor on DAY 17!! I had the egg in my hand and was about to candle it. My cell phone was in my hip pocket, and it went off and vibrated and I jumped. Dropped the egg on the floor, candling flashlight went flying in the opposite direction. The cracked open when it hit the floor & only a little bit of blood came out. I couldn't bear to open in the rest of the way and look. I took it into the backyard and finished it off and felt horrible for about a week. I still feel like doodoo when I think about it.
So sorry. I have thought about that when I have candled mine. What if I should drop one??? It hasn't happened yet but probably there are more people who have candled and had it happen.

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