Oh my gosh! I might have gotten a squat!


9 Years
Aug 20, 2010
I watched the "squat video" posted on another post linked to youtube. One girl (my fav) was following me around as usual, but when I bent down and put my hand over her to pat her, she squatted instead of running away. I was amazed I could pick her up. She squatted down and was still. Didn't even try to get away. I'm not 100% sure, but after seeing the video, I'm pretty darn sure. I'm gonna see, but I think she squatted!!!!

lol, Sometimes, while they're squatting they'll stamp their feet a bit to get lower as you pat their back. You know you're a pat pro when they 'shake it off' after you're finished
I sometimes scratch both sides right behind the thighs and they assume the position. I checked all my new batch early on this way with the hopes it means 'they're all female.' Ahhhhhh....
I tried again this morning, but she moved away. They had just come out though and everyone was around her. I'll try again later and see if I get a similar response.

She may not be as willing as others initially. My third girl only started squatting this week and still has her deflector shields up at 50%. They seem to be more responsive in the afternoon vs first thing in the morning (can't blame them
). It's quite the scene since #2 gets quite jealous and starts pecking if any other hen starts the squat before her, so in our defense I have to get her with my other hand
simultaneously. aye aye aye...
Congrats on "the squat"! You'll have eggs soon! 4/6 of our hens are laying and #5 just squatted for me yesterday. I'm excited to get her first egg too.

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