Oh my gosh.....this is harder than I thought!!

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    Dec 13, 2008
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    I have started construction on my coop. I have a large fenced in area where we use to keep our big dogs. So, I've deceided on building my coop inside this area. I have been collecting stuff for the build for a few weeks now. Today I have laid out hte floor plan. Now, member...I'm doin all this all by myself. DH has told me he aint helpin..that this is all my "project". Anyway...I'm out there today..the weather was great, about 70ish. So...I'm "tryin to nail 16d galvanized nails in a pressure treated 2x6. I finally got two nails in the first board.....and then on the third nail...it went in crooked...then I couldn't take it back out...I knew I had to get this crooked nail outta there...I couldn't let DH see what a awful job I was doin...........
    to make a long story short......I was so upset...I sat there and cried. Hubby came home... he musta felt sorry for me...cause now..he's gonna help me build the coop!![​IMG]
    I never relized this was gonna be this hard. How in the world did all yall build such sweet lookin coops and runs??
    I'm tryin to build a 8x8 coop, I know I'm not no construction worker, but...good grief...this is frustrating!!!
    hahaha...it's actually kinda comical...thank goodness I live on
    2 1/2 acres....so nobody heard me cryin like a baby. hahaaa
    The tiny bit that I did get done does look good though. I'll try and take some pics.
    Sorry...I just had to vent to somebody.[​IMG][​IMG]

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    If you don't think we all didn't bend a nail or two, well.... let's just say it happens, that is how you learn. Take your time, drill pilot holes, "borrow" lots of ideas from the pictures on here, and make it fun. You won't build it all in one day, and no matter how well planned out it is, there will always be that "I wish I would have made it this way" thought. The best thing is you are taking it on and making progress, GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!
  3. silkiechicken

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    Takes practice!

    One thing I reccomend though, is to use screws and two drills. One drill to make holes, second to drill in the screws. Will make the structure tougher and stronger for the long run! Good luck!
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    Mar 9, 2008
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    Well I see muddler6 beat me. I was going to tell you to drill pilot holes to. It helps the nail go in better and faster. Take your time and enjoy yourself as the two of you build it together. It now can be a fun thing to do.

    And remember act dumb and you will get more help. Thats what I do. [​IMG]

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    At least you tried and your chickens will be thankfull you did.
    You can do this, Yes you can [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Nov 24, 2008
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    Well in my house it's the reverse. My wife thinks I'm a maniac because I spent three weekends building a small coop, attached run, and attached nesting box.

    If there's one piece of advice I'd give you: DITCH THE NAILS. Look, if you're building a house, you want to use nails. Nails are a lot cheaper than screws. But if you're building a chicken coop (by yourself) USE SCREWS. The two bucks you might save in nails vs screws just isn't worth it.

    And I agree with the pilot hole recommendantion. Though I'm sure you know what a pilot hole is, it just means you use a drill bit (smaller than the screw) and drill a hole where you want the screw to go. Then the screw will drill into that pilot hole quickly and easily.

    Lastly, a coop built with screws is going to be stronger than one built with nails. Be sure to use wood screws and don't buy them too thick or they'll split the wood. Try 6 or 8 tops.

    Good luck.

  7. Dixiedoodle

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Can you say 'nail gun' and 'drill/screwdriver and screws'? I can't use a hammer to save my soul--but I can use the nail gun (we have two sizes and each excepts several different size nails) and I can't live without my drill, bits and screws!! It makes my life soooo much easier.. My dh always says "just don't ask me to help' but he always ends up doing it..I just let him fuss, gather my drawings, materials and he will jump in and do what ever I need/want done..It will take him forever (he works away from home) BUT It's done and done right..
  8. Reinbeau

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    I can't take any credit for our coop other than the placement of certain features, I'm very fortunate, hubby was a carpenter, he knows how to drive nails - with a hammer or with a nail gun (his preferred tool!). We've got a big compressor in the garage and he just ran the hose out back to the coop and nailed away. I've never built anything like that, I'd be in so much trouble if I tried, I admire anyone who has the guts to at least try!
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    Nov 17, 2007
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    Quote:I second this idea!

  10. jvls1942

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Quote:Oh? just acting? you are really a good actor..[​IMG]

    I am a building contractor for over 35 years.I do know this subject..

    If you are going to use screws, get the square drive type. they are called decking screws. they are usually green.. this type of screw is much tougher than plain chrome or galvanized.. do not get what they call a combination head..,,or phillips head,either.. actually those galv/chrome ones are prone to break off just at the top where the threads stop.
    In home and deck construction they are actually not legal.. and drywall screws are not much better.. and drywall screws will "bleed" black when they get wet..that is from rust..you don't need that.

    Pilot holes are fine. but not really needed once you get the hang of driving the screws..

    If you are using spikes and nails use the CC nails.
    CC stands for Cement Coated. the nails are coated with a glue that keeps the nail tight once it is driven in. they drive easier that the "bright" nails and spikes.. do not put them into your mouth.. that is what a nail apron is for..

    remember, building is fun, now go and have some fun..
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