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9 Years
Jan 13, 2011
ScottsVille, michigan
I have a male peking duck named Quackers that has been raised together with my hens since since they were all babies. My other duck named Cheese is his female companion and soul mate so to speak. Cheese has been laying eggs now for about a good month or so and quackers truly watches over her. "Quackers" has been cheating on cheese and mounting and mating with my favorite hen "Henrietta". What is going on! I had no idea different fowl would do this kind of thing. Am I going to have a cross breed between a duck and a chicken or what? I'm baffled and dont know what to do if anything. My hen doesnt mind at all! She is 6 1/2 months old and I have yet to catch her in a nesting box laying eggs but we assume she is. She sings a beautiful song every morning with the rest of the hens at egg laying time. I have a buffington rooster named george and he doesnt interfer. He has his own favorites. Explain please!
You need to be very careful with a drake in with your chickens. Chickens mate by a cloacal kiss - no penetration, just touching. Ducks have "equipment". A drake can seriously injure or kill a hen by mating with her.
And no, you will not get a chicken/duck cross. They may mate, but you won't be getting any offspring from it.
Thankyou for responding. I have learned something I didnt know or understand. The drake is a great guard dog and flock watcher. I hate to seperate the ducks as they get along so well amidst them all. This poses a big problem.

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