Oh my I let them go to bed! I don't know whether to dance or fret?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by pixiedouglas, May 21, 2011.

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    I've had my 3 four week olds in their own pen inside the chicken run for a week now. The older girls are 10-13 weeks mixed. At night the littles went into their brooder box in the coop with the big girls. A few times I've let them come out to mingle while supervised and everyone mostly minded their manners. The big girls didn't chase them too much and the little girls run quick whenever they see a big girl give them the 'eye'. So tonight I tried an experiment...

    I left them all to their own devices as the sun set. Normally I scoop up the three littles and put them away before the big girls go to bed, but tonight I just waited to see what they would do. Well the big girls started going to bed and the little girls were fussing and fussing and crying and I just waited.... Pretty soon all the big girls had gone into the coop and the little girls were standing near the coop.... and then... THEY FOLLOWED THEM IN!

    I went to check them and the little girls were all in the coop standing on the ramp up to the roost as if they couldn't quite work up the nerve to shuffle past the big girls, and the big girls were mostly ignoring them although some of them seemed to be watching them. I picked the little girls up and put them on the roost away from the big girls and they all snuggled together and sat down... so I shut the door and crossed my fingers and walked away.

    I left the lid off their brooder box in case they decided they'd rather be in there, but I think this is a good sign? I don't know whether to panic or dance!?!?!

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    Sounds like it went well [​IMG]
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    Sounds like you did it perfect. Nice attention to your flock. If any start picking in the smaller birds I was taught was to pick up and hold any would be bullies and let all the birds see. Then after a few minutes place the offender across the coop and keep monitoring. Always settles my girls down.
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    Well this morning when I went to let them out they were still all minding their manners! The little ones had to wait to eat till the big girls were done eating, but I expected them to be at the bottom of the order for awhile till they even out in size and then we'll see. They've been together all day with no problems! Yay!!!![​IMG][​IMG]: [​IMG]: [​IMG]:

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