Oh my silly chickens!


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
azalia, indiana
I had company over yesterday, we were quilting. My house doesn't have AC so we often leave the front door open (no screen) for a little more breeze. Sure enough, Mable picked yesterday to try a new trick. Company is seated at the dining room table, chatting after lunch and one ladys says "Um, is that ok?" and points in the next room. There's Mable, she's wandered in the front door, through the living room and into the quilting room - looking like she owns the place!

I calmly pick her up and set her outside, closing the front door as a precaution. My reply was, "They may be spoiled, but they aren't spoiled enough to be house pets . . . . yet"
We all had a good laugh but I had to marvel at her timing - the chooks can be worse than kids some days, especially when company is there
That is funny! Our BO roo likes to sneak in while we're bringing groceries into the house. The bad thing is that the hens think, "Well, if Sonny is doing it, it must be okay for us too."
So then we have to herd 1/2 dz or more chickens out of our kitchen. Silly chickens is right!
when I first started out I had a trio( 2 hens , 1 rooster) they had this habit of "tricker treating" my front door. He would stand between the 2 girls , looking at their feet until they were lined up "just right", then he'd crow. And he'd keep crowing until you'd bring them a goodie. They'd eat the treat, leave , only to come back in a while and do it all over again.

The girls I have now follow me every where when I am out side. If I am not quick enough they try to follow me right into my mud room then up the 3 steps to my laundry area. Several have been brooded in my mud room (and must still call it home)and a few have made it into the house to be cared for when sick . So they think nothing of it as they think it is their space anyway. They have even tried tucking in behind the dogs in a line formation ( like I wouldn't notice them) when the dogs come in. They are great for a laugh, they make me chuckle every day at the things they do.

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