OH NO..4 Day old Chick In A Pan Of Water

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by 1234duck, May 10, 2011.

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    [​IMG] My daughter just saved a 4 day old chick from in a pan of water the mom was trying to help but couldn't. We put it in brooder to get warm/dried. but mom is pacing looking for it. so her other baby which was in brooder/5 days old we took out to her so wet chick could get dry & a lil stronger. does this sound ok?? The mom/hen also still has eggs in nest she sits but then i find her sitting on different nest with 2 eggs in it when i was going to get her eggs to candle them then the stupid hen would go back to her nest she has done this a few times now and the Hatch Day was LAST TUESDAY 5/3}}(21days) but 1st chick born 5/5 Thursday & 2nd chick born 5/6 Friday}}Grrrrr... now my daughter thinks there Might be ANOTHER Chick, which she Hatched Today, gotta go check and see if in case there's more. So that would be.... DAY 23/1Chick (2days past).... DAY 24/1Chick (3days past)... ONE WEEK AGO~ TODAY/was HATCH DAY [​IMG] ~Julie~

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