Oh No! Drake has a Prolapsed Penis.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ellieuki, Feb 13, 2015.

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    Aug 11, 2013
    ... Yesterday around 5:30pm, I noticed Howie had prolapsed his Penis. I was able to catch his Vet on her way out, she told me what to do until she could see him first thing in the AM. He slept in our shower overnight. Apparently, His dingleberry went back inside during the night. We were relieved so we brought him back the girls. Until we noticed Howie's penis wasn't coming back out, so off to the Vet he went. He is still there, not sure what is going to happen. Just wanted some support and advice, maybe this has happened to someone else? He has been really on the girls that last couple of weeks, I know spring is here by his gross drake behavior. In fact, he has started mating on land, something he never did last season.

    I've had these three ducks for almost 2 years now, prolapsed body parts are a first.. Thanks for any advice or support anymore can give me...
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    He may need to go on a guy retreat for a while. Apparently, just the sight of ducks, for a really hormonal drake, can play havoc with his ability to avoid a prolapse or other gonadal problems. Poor guy.

    Yes, these kinds of things happen and I am glad you have a vet's help.

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