OH NO! Escaped Chicken!!!!!!!!!

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    I heard a HORRIBLE noise outside and ran out to investigate. It was coming from under the house so I looked and all 3 of my dogs ran out. I checked the coop and run and my Chicken Nugget was missing. He is about 2.5 month old rooster. I looked and looked and couldn't see him. Finally I saw some red rubbery looking thing peeking out from under a pile of stuff and sure enough he had hidden under there. I was scared he was injured. He just kept looking at me and barely breathing. I pulled the stuff off him and he took off running. Took a fish net to catch him and ran into the house. I was so scared he was going to be dying or something. Looked him over and not a scratch. Tried to give him a treat and he wouldn't eat. Took him to the coop and he was fine, glad to be back home. I sure hope he learned his lesson and teaches the others as well! [​IMG]

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    Poor roo has quite the outing! [​IMG]
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    Glad to hear he's OK [​IMG]

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