Oh No! Fausty is a Cockerel

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by sweetshoplady, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Feb 4, 2008
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    I thought I picked out 4 little pullets to add to my flock. Ooops! Fausty first started getting a more pronounced comb and wattles. I thought ok, maybe just a fast maturing hen.

    Wrong! Little Fausty (who is smaller than Dorothy) I noticed had some cream colored feathers coming in on "her" back. Today I looked at them and they are saddle feathers. [​IMG]

    I don't think saddle feathers can be on a hen. Or can they?

    How do I choose which cockerel to eat? I don't want more hens at this point, so 3 cockerels is out of the question. He is going to be a very pretty designer roo. He has a nice green tail, mottled grey and white on his legs, looks like he is wearing pants. And with this cream, he'll be a sharp-dressed roo. I wouldn't mind keeping him, especially since he has the feathered feet.

    Will he get bigger than the hens? He is a lttle fella (by comparison) right now. But his daddy was a huge roo. He is smaller than Dorothy who is his sister - same age. - the lady said.

    I like the idea of a back-up roo, as when the predators got my last ones, they started with the roo. I love having a sweet roo.
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    It's so very difficult to decide which roos to keep when you wind up with too many. I ordered 2, got 5. After days of agonizing, I knew I wanted to keep the sweetest 2, but still was undecided (they were all sweet). Even as the lady was on her way here to get them I was questioning myself. Finally I put my hand out and the two roos that came to me first were the ones I kept. Not my best looking ones, but strong and healthy, and looks ain't everything. The others found a great home with 80 hens, so no doubt that are so busy they aren't homesick.

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