oh no...hope i didn't screw up big time!


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Mar 25, 2012
well went on a four day vacation while my eggs were in the incubator and didn't have heat on in the house while i was gone. got home and home temp was 60f and incubator was down to 95f. do you think i have ruined my eggs? they are about halfway through their hatching cycle. i am going to go ahead and see what they do, but want to know what are my chances? thanks
They will be fine
i sure hope so. i didn't plan on this trip until last minute and we use an outside wood furnace to heat the house. it obviously ran out of wood while we were gone hence the cold front in our house. i will candle tonight, however can't say it will help me much. this is my first time incubating and they are brown eggs. i candled before i left and they were looking good. i got a digital humidity guage but not sure how well it works. it is saying my humidity in my house and in the incubator is the same at 49%. they are at 13 days today. i expect they may take a day or two extra to hatch if they do because of this i just hope they are okay. it is a still air incubator. i will keep everyone posted.

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