Oh no! New broody mama is trying to kill her chicks. Now what?

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    Lemondrop the Orpington has been the most dedicated broody imaginable, not leaving the nest box at all. I've hand fed her the last three weeks.

    Today is Day 20, and I went to check on her and discovered a chick just hatching. Lemondrop discovered it, too and instantly began to attack it viciously. I scooped it up and tried to quietly slip it under her once she re-settled on the eggs, but she went after it again, so I set up and emergency brooder and brought it in the house to finish hatching.

    Now, there are eight other eggs under her ready to hatch today or tomorrow. What do I do? Please help! I was so looking forward to having her raise the chicks.

    Do I:
    -Take each chick as they hatch, before she attacks them?
    -Wait and see if she does better with the others?
    -Try again to give this one back to her?
    -Try to get an experienced hen mama (the one that hatched Lemondrop) to either hatch the eggs or raise the chicks? (She's not broody now, though, so I doubt that would work.)
    -Any other ideas?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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    Take them as they hatch. Time consuming and aggravating but if you want to keep the chicks that’s the best way. You’ll probably end up having to raise them yourself.
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