oh no not again, my oldest birds are sick this time

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    Oct 4, 2009
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    My two oldest (9 months) are now sick, I didnt notice for about a week or maybe longer. My light Brahmin is wasting away, she was plumpy but now super light, and weak, my heathiest BSL has red streaks down her butt, I dont see blooody poop, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough. I know that the cause is my lack of avian biosecurity, they share (but separated) a run with 7 week old silkies and they are doing fine. The outside birds are coming in to the run and eating the food of the older hens, as I have netting around most of the area for the younger ones. The poop has a strong smell, not at all the "usual" smell.

    What should I do? Tetracyclene or Sulmet? I am not sure whats hitting the older hens. Help!!!!
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    How are your girls doing?

    Besides the wasting away, smelly poop, what is happening? Are they laying?

    I would check them over very, very closely for lice or mites. Both are very small and mites usually live in your coop and attack the birds at night - lice live on the bird and you often can see tiny "clumps" of white eggs on the feather shafts, close to the body (underside of body and vent area are good places to check).

    Might also worm them.

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