Oh no! They are all going Broody and I don't have a Roo!!!

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    First it was just one silkie that disappeared. I thought something had got her, coyote, hawk, etc. until I saw her come out from under the house one day to eat. I found her nest and she hatched out 2 babies. At that time I had some game mix roosters and a Silver Laced Wyandotte so her eggs were fertile.

    Well I traded some of my chickens for guineas and now I have 3 silkie hens, one game hen, a RIR hen and a black Australorp hen. I also have 12 guineas. Right after the silkie hatched her babies out the game hen went broody on some ceramic eggs! I had my father in law bring me some blue cochin eggs for her to set on and they should hatch this weekend. Now one of my other silkies disappeared but suprise suprise, she is fine but she has a secret nest somewhere and I haven't found it yet. Her eggs couldnt possibly be fertile because I havent had a roo in at least 3 weeks. I know the guineas can breed chickens but I have never seen them bother my silkies.

    I am afraid it's contagious and my other silkie will probably go broody any time now. Ever since her buddy has been MIA she has followed me all over the place talking to me. She doesnt hang out much with the full sized hens because they pick on her.

    So my little white silkie with the hidden eggs, I don't think there is much of a chance of them hatching so will she eventually give up or should I try and find her and take her off of them? If I could find her I could give her some eggs to set...... I think going broody must the contagious!
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    I have heard of broody being contagious before. Don't know if there's any validity to it or if its just spring and you have a lot of broody breeds (silkies and game hens are frequent brooders). The eggs the 2nd silkie is sitting on *could* be fertile. Fertility certainly goes down the longer they've been out of contact with a roo but some report that they are still getting fertile eggs after 3 weeks. If you can find her nest, you could try candling the eggs to see if they are developing.

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