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10 Years
May 7, 2009
My first chick hatched at about 4am yesterday and by this morning, 10 out of 13 were out and dry. 2 eggs nothing and 1 had a small pip , however it never advanced. And this morning it was still at the same stage but no movement. I thought for sure it was dead so I pulled the chicks out of the bator and put them in the brooder.

When I came back the bator I saw movement from the pipped chick!

Temp and humidity evened out very quickly and never really came down but for a minute or so while I was pulling the chicks out.

I have been watching this egg off and on for 2 hours and again no movement. But just now, I saw it move again.

Think I should leave it? Help it? I can't believe I opened the bator but there were chicks in there that had been born over 24 hours ago.

I hate to watch this poor chick die

Temp at 99.5 at bottom of egg and humidity at 73% right now and has been.
Should I spray the eggs with a warm mist?
Do you know how long it's been since it pipped? If it's the last one pipped, it may lag behind the others by a long time on hatching.

My instinct would be to leave it for about 12-24 hours before attempting to do anything. This USUALLY turns out for the best. I tried to help one out that I thought was in trouble day before yesterday and ended up making it bleed. I put it back in the bator quickly, having partially zipped the shell by hand. The next day, it had hatched itself out--so it never needed my help to begin with.

But if the others pipped around the same time and it's been 12 hours or so since they all hatched, I'd say it may be time to gently try to help. You're going to probably run into membrane that bleeds, though, so make sure you check the sticky here for instructions on helping.

Good luck, and cograts on your good hatch so far!
I would let it go a bit longer.I have had an egg take over 24hrs from first pip to hatch, some of them just take longer.She kept falling asleep in there which is what took so long LOL.
Thanks all

It pipped last night, maybe around 6 or 7pm. So it's been about 16 hours or so.

I was just watching it and it looks like it's breathing, the membrane is moving up and down, but still no progress.
My others hatched so fast after pipping which is why this one is worrying me.

I think I will leave it go for a few more hours and see what happens.
yep, I would wait...I recently killed one of my orloffs because it was pipped so long(2 days), the others pipped and hatched before this one so I thought it needed help. Nope it was still absorbing the yolk, even though I left him in the lower portion of the egg, wrapped up, he never absorbed it
It hatched!!!!

About 12:30pm I checked and the pip was slightly larger. Shortly after we left for my son's baseball game. And at 4pm it was hatched and drying!

Thank you all

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