Oh No!!!!!!!


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May 6, 2009
Akron, Ohio
So i was going to the Coldstone in town to celebrate my little bro's bday, but the interstate was backed up, so my fam drove through Vail. We had to stop in Vail to let a train pass, and so we stopped in front of the local feedstore. Looked out, and there was the sign "Nutrena CHICK DAYS!"
This is dangerous. Five minutes away from baby chicks, with 30 lbs of chick starter, and a broody hen to take care of them... oh dear.
Do it, do it ( you got a broody )
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Yah, and i got money. And i need some good layers... only have three... and one of them is getting old...
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Ok, and i just downsized my flock by 3, with two more to sell.
Oooh i hope they have some polish!!! My mom LOVES polish, but we have never gotten any...

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