Oh NOOO! Raccoon found me!


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Jul 17, 2008
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My dogs started barking like crazy last couple of nights so I go out to the coop armed with a metal garden rake and a flashlight (I live in the suburbs, so no gun:|) and see a really big raccoon hanging on the hardware cloth covering the coop window. This guy didn't even flinch when I screamed at him...so I clocked him with the rake. Dh is out of town but said that's not the thing to do as it could have really hurt me...but I wasn't thinking in the moment. The raccoon hightailed it outta there. I've never SEEN one in our neighborhood before!
Luckily, when we were building our coop, I insisted we "go overboard" on the hardware cloth even though my Dh and his buddy thought I was nuts.

Dh says the raccoon will be back. What can I do? Critter Ridder? Trap? Then what?
We've got big dogs in the neighborhood, I have small dogs, but this guy wasn't fazed by me at all...That is, until I attacked him.
My coop is like Ft. Knox *knocks on wood* The run is enclosed with chicken wire and I have a sun shade tarp bungeed across the top(not raccoon proof). Will the raccoon come after my hens in daylight hours?
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Sep 4, 2008
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I recently had a raccoon problem, unfortunately they got a few of my chickens. I went out and bought a havahart trap. So far I've caught two raccoons. They are easy to use. You can bait it with anything sweet. I used a doughnut once and the other time they went in for some cereal. I heard marshmellows work well too. If you plan on releasing the raccoon, you need to take it very far away. They can return if you don't take them at least 20 miles from your home. I chose not to release them since they killed some of my flock.


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Mar 29, 2008
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In some states it is illegal to relocate a coon. You might want to check your state laws. I don't relocate because my problem then becomes someone elses problem and we have so many of the darn varmits already. I've heard them the last two night out behind our barn fighting


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It is illegal to relocate a raccoon in most places. I would not recommend approaching any raccoon with a blunt object. gotchooks?, I really admire your moxie in protecting your flock but please be careful!

A well placed .22 bullet is my prescription for a raccoon. Send 'em to Jesus!

A trap works as well but please don't relocate them. Exterminate them yourself or make sure animal control in your area will dispose of them.

Good Luck, the raccoon WILL return.....


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Jul 7, 2008
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I totaly agree, it will be back, and it could happen in daylight hours, its not typical, but ti does happen.

I recommed trap and kill, do not relocated for a few reasons.

Congrats on survivng the first attack, now get ready for their return......dont endanger yourself.:aww


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May 15, 2008
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I have seen them out in my yard during the day. This past winter I had one in my attic with babies. I had a broken vent and it was either able to scale the side of the house or jump from a tree to get into the attic. (I have a 2 story colonial!) I have a 6 x 12 dog kennel for my run. I have seen digging around the fence but the raccoons haven't made it in yet. I lock up my chickens every night in their coop. Even though the run is secure. The run is totally enclosed even from the top.


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Oct 1, 2008
Hi, I'm new here to the forum but wanted to post as I've had this problem before. I also reccomend that you trap and kill. Once raccoons locate their prey, they will not stop until they either wipe you out, or you kill them. We have alway's had great success using marshmellows to bait the traps.

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Apr 26, 2007
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Wow, how terrifying! But please do be careful! My sister's dog startled a raccoon one night in her backyard and ended up with it attached to her backside, gnashing it's teeth. The poor dog was yelping and running into and out of the garage, with my sister standing on top of her washer, whacking it on the head with a shovel every time they ran past. Only thing that saved the dog was her super thick coat from being part Chow.

i just found online that our county has a Federal trapper, who charges far less than commercial trappers. Maybe try a search on "Federal Trapper" and then your county?

Good luck, and stay safe!

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