Oh ohhh, Gurty my rouen hen Woke up on the wrong side of the bed!


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
I heard gurty yelling up a storm and I look out my window and see that she had My Rhode island hen by the breast feathers pulling her out of the coop, And my RIR diddent know what to think, The RiR looked stunned. Gurty...Gurty..Gurty... needs to go back to bed
Nevermind. I have 2 ducks. And I guess they HATE Red my RIR because they wont even let Red come out of the coop, Everytime Red comes near the coop door my Drake and hen chae her into the coop. Why are they being mean??? there only being mean to her.
I have never had any of my ducks be mean to my chickens.
MOF, my ducks are afraid of my chickens even though my chickens ignore them.
Now the new Muscovy have been snapping at the other ducks but no one has pulled any feathers out.
My ducks HATE the chickens. When I had them living together, they would spend the entire day poking the chickens with their beaks. Now and then, I'd see them grab some feathers. The chickens tried their best to stay away from them.

Good luck.

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