OH Pair of Rosecomb Anconas Will Deliver to Ohio Nationals

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    I am downsizing my flock, and I am selling this pair of rosecomb Anconas. I do not know what lines they are from, I am not a breeder. I do not know their age but I estimate between 4-5 years old. I have had them for two years. I was not able to hatch any eggs from this pair. From what I have seen the hen wont let this rooster mate with her. I have hatched chicks that were from this roo with other hens, so I know he is fertile. You would probably have better luck if you have some other ancona hens to put him in with.
    The hen only lays eggs in the spring time, She is also very flighty. The rooster is fairly tame, but will flog you when he feels like it. The rooster has leg mites which I have been treating, but you will need to continue treating them until they are gone.

    I will not ship. I will deliver to Ohio Nationals or you can pick up at my home in Marion County, Ohio
    If you have questions you can pm me, but I only check it once a day. Thanks for looking!

    a non molting picture

    current pic of the hen

    current pic of the roo (molting)

    another current pic (other hens not included)

    Top view of his comb- it is bent on the end

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