Oh Please say they're girls .....


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Sorry, they're a bit out of order, but you'll get the gist! If anyone has guesses as to whether they're guys or gals, I'd greatly appreciate it. They're all 11 weeks old. The Ameraucana may be 12 weeks old.

Daisy Duke - splash Marans. Shy, demure.

Holly Hox - black copper Marans. Shy, last one out of the coop, always.

Liberty Belle - Ameraucana. A bit skittish, always with the golden laced wyandotte even though they post up against each other. Closer shots below.

Dixie Chick - golden laced wyandotte. Most skittish of all. Feathers are starting to have a green sheen to them. Most aggressive out of all the chickens.

Sunshine. Ultra friendly, sits on my lap, very sweet - blue laced red Wyandotte

Liberty's puffy cheeks!

Sunny hears something

Lady Liberty ... I hope!
well, feathers say all pullets... but comb and wattles are pretty large on wyandottes (not too familiar with breed) and americauna looks a bit rooish but im no expert. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! Especially that Blue Laced Red!
I think your splash marans is a girl.

Hard to tell on the next one, it doesn't look like my girl BCM, she's all black. But my rooster doesn't have the pencilling yours has.

Your next one looks more like an Easter Egger, seems to have yellow legs. It has a very large and red comb, but I hope she's a girl for you! Where did you get your birds?

I think your wyandottes have very bright large combs and waddles, also.
I'd say girls, except for Sunny and Dixie, they hen-ish but those red combs and wattles make me think roo. :\ can you get some close up shot of their backs near the neck and the base of the tail?!

Ameraucana's feet. I was sure Liberty is Ameraucana and not EE?

It could be, I'm not a good judge of them. I only have my Americauna and EE's to compare to. I guess the best way to tell is be sure to get them from a breeder, not hatchery or store.

Sorry about those roosters. I have been trying to get Blue Laced Wyandottes and have ordered them 3 times. I only have 1, and he's a roo. I do have a Silver Laced hen so I'm going to breed them and try to get some blue babies.
ameraucana is a hen
gold lace wyandotte is a roo (i think)
the BLRW its feathers look like a hen but its face looks like a roo
the splash maran is a hen
and so is the copper maran

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