Oh Repecca! No!


5 Years
Nov 12, 2017
Northwest New Jersey
First watch this:

So, now what do I do?
6 months old, first crow. So much smaller than Mr Marvin Roo that I returned to my breeder in exchange for pullets. I really didn't think she was a he! I don't want roosters, but "Repecca" has always been special. Fearless and friendly, underfoot looking for attention and treats. I've nursed Repecca for sour crop, bought a bra for "her" oversized cleavage, massaged her crop every day, tried to teach her to roost in spite of being pigeon toed. I don't know if I can trade him in cuz I love this chook. And I worry what would happen because of his disabilities. Probably be culled!
Has anyone ever had a House ROOSTER? I'm just beside myself!:th:hit
I've heard of hens crowing. Got some new pics showing her neck and tail feathers?
Yesterday I made this video. If I knew then what I know now. I can never a a photo of her, she thinks the camera is gonna produce food so I only get face shots. When I first got her I wondered if she was a he, but her brother was sooooo much bigger and well groomed. Being such a newb I figured lavender orp pullets just looked a bit different. :smack
Ok, I'm not too bright am I.
Here' the vid. See what you think.
Tried to get pics. The neck feathrs are sparse because Repecca has been wearing a bra and I think it rubs. Also, when I enlarge the pic I can see what looks like more feathers coming in. 20180329_160055.jpg 20180329_160135.jpg 20180329_160141.jpg 20180329_160853.jpg 20180329_160928.jpg

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