Oh, Roostie, I think it's time to go...

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    May 14, 2011
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    I'm guessing I have to say goodbye, but thought I'd run it by you guys (and gals). We have a youngish (not sure how old) Golden Sebright rooster. We're still pretty new to owning chickens, and we got him with the rest of our birds about 7 weeks ago. Since the beginning, he's been the top of the pecking order for sure, but has been kind of rough on 3 birds. One is a confirmed brown leghorn hen. The other two still haven't revealed their gender yet. Up until today, I'd catch him chasing them away from food, squawking at them and running after them around the yard and in the coop. He's also been aggressive with me, though I showed him who's boss weeks ago, and my wife, who he confronts every day, and tries to peck her.

    Well today was different. We finished our new coop, closed off the old one mid afternoon, and had lots of fun (not) trying to get them into the new run, using food. Once in there, he was relentless against the two younger birds, at one point ripping feathers out of one of their backs. It was a pretty nasty sight. Right before then, I backed him into a corner and gave him the wagging finger and a good yelling at. Guess that had no effect.

    He has never taken to these birds, and I have every reason to believe he could act like this to future additions to the flock. Something we plant to do next week. I think my mind is set on passing him along, but my heart is lagging behind a bit. I know moving into a new home can be stressful, but is there anything to make me believe I shouldn't cut my losses before I end up with really damaged birds because of him?

    Heartbreaking. One of those situations where the good has just become outweighed by the bad. He's really great with our others...protects them, runs after food and calls for them. But if he won't be like that with the whole flock...ugh....
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    personally, id get rid of a chicken like that. i eat the mean birds, since i have to use for mean birds in my flock. but it sounds like a pet, so i would try to rehome him. to keep him around because you like to see him isnt fair to the poor chooks who have to LIVE with him lol. that is my personal opinion, but ya know. if you love him you could also rehome the birds he doesnt like into more caring gentle flocks.
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    Jun 18, 2011
    how much younger are the other birds?
    You could try chicken saddles for a bit of protection for the birds he's picking on. It might help them stand up to him if they think his pecks don't hurt as much.
    You could also take him away for a week, then when you re-introduce him he will be the 'new bird' and therefore at the bottom of the pecking order. Might put him in his place a bit...

    But then again he could just be psycho....
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    I don't think the other birds are even a year younger. Months probably. We bought all these birds at a livestock auction, and health-wise, they've all been great. The only down side has been our roosters relationship with 3 of the birds. I guess he has become a bit of a pet in that time. He's so tiny, he'd be a side course for our family of 5 anyway, LOL. My wife is disappointed that we have to give him away, but I really don't want to let this get to a point where he's doing serious damage, especially considering our desire to increase flock size over the next couple days.
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    I would add more hens and then see how he behaves.. could be since he's only got three other chickens there that he's being a bit too "frisky" with them. I usually have 10 hens for each rooster, any less than 10 ends up with the girls being picked on too much. So if it was me I would separate him for now.. add more girls and then reintroduce him to the flock and see how things go from there before getting rid of him.
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    I tried a roo that tore two of my hens up, and he had to go. But he was a BIG guy, so could physically dominate them.
    How's this little guy doing it???? Are the hens being bullied LF (you mentioned one brown Lhorn?)??
    Is your run covered or open?? If it's covered (so he'd have protection), I think I'd stick his little butt in dog cage/crate inside the run until you get your new birds added. Maybe having many newbies will throw him off and make him back away, especially after being contained for a week or so. And I would add another feeder waterer to your run, set as far away from the others as possible. If he still behaves that way after that, I'd give him the boot. As for acting up with you guys - I'd just pick his hiney up carry him around with you for 10-15 minutes each day to show him who the dom. roo really is.
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    Try isolating the rooster for a couple days while the new birds integrate into the flock.

    Make sure you establish yourself as Alpha and make the rooster Beta. Stalk him at a speed walk. Make him feel like he is being followed by a black SUV everywhere he goes. After 10 minutes of this for a few days, you can just spend a couple seconds reminding him of his status. You can read more here.

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