Oh Thank God! Was Worried, but still no external pipping


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
Ok, I'm still not seeing any external pipping, and I hadn't seen the egg rock since Tuesday night, and today after knocking into it and seeing the egg roll, not rocking, but rolling, I was scared that something awful happened, I'm fearing I'm just made things worse by the egg rolling because I got up and kneed the Hova Bator and it bumped it and the egg rolled, not a cross the incubator but it did roll a few times one way and back another. I was so petrified, but tonight I saw it rock on it's own like 3 times in less then 5min. So a sigh of relief. Can I ask, what can go wrong or what is wrong with turning the eggs or having an egg roll during lock down?? I just am very, very nervous about this, knowing I have to leave tomorrow afternoon and nothing has happened yet with any external pipping that I can see.
It can be disorienting for the baby, but as katherinad already said, it happens all the time in nature. I don't think the eggs under a hen get knocked about as much as eggs in an incubator with already-hatched babies do, though, which is why I hatch in cartons... but that's a discussion for another thread. The short answer is, it's likely the egg is just fine.
If you haven't already noticed, I'm an anxious person! LOL, I'm leaving this afternoon and I don't see any signs of external pipping, everything stays the same that I questioned, maybe perhaps I'm so obsessed about something going wrong or one thing or another, that I'm maybe seeing things that aren't truly there because I don't want to miss anything. But, I am being realistic, I know it could die still, I've accepted that but not going to lie and say it won't highly disappoint me. But, this is also teaching me what to do and what not to do for the next batch that is suppose to go in the Hova Bator around the 17th. At least I know what setting to keep the thermostat at when I plug it in. I have had this feeling for the get go that I'll either miss the hatch while I'm gone, or it won't pip until tomorrow(day 28) and I'll get home just in time. As you all said 50/50 right now. Temp is 99-99.5 and humidity is 83%, I also read that to high of humidity could also delay that hatching. Is mine to high or just right? I'm trying to keep it closer to the 80% because I'm so nervous about that air sac and shrink wrap.
I totally understand how you feel. This is only my 3rd time incubating duck eggs. My first attempt was terrible. Ended up with only one duckling from 3 fertile eggs. second time was worse. 5 out of 12 eggs. They said third time lucky and it is true.

It still rocked so I think you will be fine. I didn't see very much rocking with mine. I still have one egg to go that is actually on time compared to the rest that were early...it has pipped internally i think but no rocking and no external pipping.

Breath in breath out breath in breath out...

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