Oh the Holidays, family, and discoveries

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    Sep 6, 2007
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    I think my husband finally got my point and my daughter knew all along.

    I moved to Florida to be near my parents. The reality is that if they decided to move to Las Vegas, they would just pack up and do it.
    All along , and I'm 55, I thought family and holidays was most important. It's really not to anyone but me.

    I am feeling sorry for myself, no doubt.
    My sister, kids and grandkids on their side are having Christmas eve dinner at my niece's . I was wondering if I'd be invited. I was but in the interim I find out that my parents would have gone anyway because they "don't want to make waves in the family." So I guess I was to understand that they would still go if I hadn't been invited. (My invitation was last minute).

    I'm so "happy" to find that I'm not all that important.

    My father says "well we had only you and hubby for Thanksgiving", like it was well planned that if I missed Christmas, it was an even share. But did they mention that their Thanksgiving friends for the last 10 years were invited elsewhere? Did they mention that others in the family couldn't make it? It was a lie.

    This is not about my niece and invitation to their house. This is about me thinking that I was more important to my parents than I thought. I'm kind of upset about the whole thing and really don't want to go .

    My daughter in Texas says to me "well you finally saw what I've been trying to tell you".

    I just don't know if I'm upset over nothing.
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    [​IMG] Holidays and family. [​IMG]

    Christmas day is the Princess and me against the world. Kids and their kids can celebrate at their own homes. Sat. all are invited here; however, all are not coming - their loss. It's very important to the Princess and she gets her feelings hurt. THAT ticks me off. Whatever you decide just have fun in the company of those you love most. Merry Christmas.
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    I'll see that [​IMG] and raise you a [​IMG]. I'm sorry your family is not giving you what you need from them.

    We've also started just hunkering down for the big days--Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just the four of us, makes things so much easier and less stressful.
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  4. seminolewind

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    Sep 6, 2007
    spring hill, florida
    Rachel, thanks .

    I guess it was mostly the things that were said that knocked the reality into me. They gave me reasons or excuses for why they would go if I wasn't invited. They were really lame .

    Over a year ago, niece's brother, my nephew had a wedding reception for his new bride. 33 people invited on his father's side of the family, and he tells my father that he couldn't afford to invite any more people (me). My dad said "this is about 1 more person , the only person from my side?"

    I think that their mother is my sister and my parents are their grandparents, and that's all the people that they need be concerned with.

    I hope you have a nice holiday, Rachel and Sourland. It makes me feel better just to come and vent.

    I will now have to learn to unload this heavy burden of trying to always be the good one. So far my one sister is married to a drug dealer that has a girlfriend he hangs out with every day. The other sister just spent 3 months in jail, then mandated rehab for her 3rd DWI.

    My husband's been sick. For the past year he's had ulcerative colitis that's not being well controlled. So he stays in the vicinity of the bathroom. I will stay home with him. He's worth it!

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