oh the irony... RIP


Apr 6, 2015
southern ohio
Some may have read the post i made asking about how to take care of a chicken who had been attacked by a hawk. I healed her up nice and well with some good internet advice and antibiotics. She was looking great, had feathers growing where skin was ripped and everything. She went out in the yard with the other girls. A couple weeks ago, the 3 ladies decided to cross the road (haha) and the girl i fixed up real well got hit by a truck. The guy who ran her over pulled in our driveway and told me. I was absolutely heartbroken when i found her and realized that there was no way she could be helped. She died right there. I buried her in the backyard and my grandmas boyfriend told me i needed to suck it up and not cry over a chicken because they all die anyways. Am i even wrong for that? I took care of her and made her better and then some meth freak ran her over. Rip baldie.

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