Oh what people don't know.


Nov 21, 2018
I live in Maine. We have a small feed store here. Probably 10 throughout the state. I could google it but I'm not going to. Called Paris Farmers Union. Nothing to do with France. We do have a town called Paris in the state so maybe it started there. Been around all my 67 years.

So today I go in. Like to help the locals as opposed to the big box all the time. So I asked this young fellow. (25-30) if they had any sand. He looked at me kinda funny. He said you want sand. Yes, so my chickens can have their dust baths. He said all we got is play sand. I think that will be ok as long as it doesn't have any rocks. So I asked how much. He said it comes in 50 lbs bags. So he looked in "the book" ( pricing book) and couldn't really figure it out. So he said I'll just ring it up to see how much it is. I told him it helps with lice and mites. So he rings it up and says $6.19. I said sold. Then he looks at me with a very puzzled look. I could tell he was really confused. Wait for it. So he finally says. "So you take the sand and rub it all over the chicken". OMG I couldn't believe it. Luckily they sell horse feed there or this guy would be lost.

Anybody have any other funnies.

Big Red Roosters

Nov 7, 2018
United States of America
Went to buy some bantams from TSC, the guy there didn't know what a bantam was and insisted that's not what was in the chick tanks. They were silkies.
After a few more minutes of getting chicken feed, the lad comes back all excited telling me he found the bantams... I follow him into the back room, with enough "EMPLOYEES ONLY" signs to make you get the feeling you shouldn't be back there. In a small box, a new bantam shipment had literally just arrived. So I picked out some old English game bantams and a few duccles. Barely a day old. Not sure I was supposed to take them, but oh well. Havent seen the same guy since, hope I didn't get him fired.

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