oh why oh why does good people have to die so quickly?


9 Years
Apr 4, 2010
south/west tn
My nieghbor who was 73 yr old so just retired this year from working from NASA have to die a hard slow death of cancer. he n his wife bought a motor home so they could have went on there first vacation in years. when they got the rv deliver. he was not feeling good to drive it home and they never went on vacation with it . now my friend is lost without her partner of 39 yrs. we been living on the street for 22 yrs

and now i would like to go to the funeral tomorrow but i am taking care of my mom in a different state so i send my daughter [which they want to adopt her as a niece] to stand in for us.

so i sent my daughter in the car tonight to be there with auntie it is 14 hours drive i am worry sick over this.
my daughter got her flu shot last tuesday and she feel under the weather. so thursday i [pass out in the doctor office n throw up] and hubby went n got our flu shots and i been sick has a dog the last 4 days now i am staying up all night until my daughter arrive their . when is cancer going to stop taking my friends and kins from us.

i am sorry i am in a bad mood tonight and very lonely. i wish that the buried on me will go away for a week if possible.

i will bounce back in day light'
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It really stinks to lose the good ones in bad ways. My friend lost her sister to cancer last year. They discovered it in early summer, operated, started treatment, but things went from bad to worse. My friend's sister made it about 6 months. I never had the right words to say to my friend.

And now, I wish I had some magical words to say. The only words I can offer are, "Love 'em while you can, and remember what they gave you."

Wish I could give you these
in person. Take care.

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